About Us

We, ACBM TECH, have been in the restaurant equipment industry in NYC for 47 years, selling commercial restaurant and retail equipment as well as providing expert repair & maintenance services.

Now we partner with PUDU Robotics, the leading commercial service robot company worldwide, to introduce serving robots to the Tri-State area in USA. 

We proudly step into the robotics industry with its growing demand and bring our long-time restaurant industry service know how to help you streamline your business with this new and innovative robotics solution.


Our Services

Show Demo & Free Consultation
Financial Installment Plan
Accessories & Skin Design
Quick Installation
On-Site/Remote Technical Support
Location Mapping & Robot Effectiveness Planning


    Our serving robots are here to help you.

    We'll guide you through the whole process of understanding and operating your advanced serving robot. From laying out a virtual map to creating work flows that will improve your business, we are here to help.

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