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Paging Delivery Robot

Introducing HolaBot  the ultimate delivery robot! If you need a delivery robot with the maximum capacity possible, HolaBot is your robot.

With HolaBot's high carrying capacity of 60 kg and C shaped design, HolaBot can carry heavy dishes while autonomously navigating through incoming traffic.

Coupled with additional features such as pager capability, handless operation, and voice control, HolaBot is perfect for any business looking for a heavy lifting robot!

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 541 mm * 531 mm * 1226 mm

Machine Weight: 60 kg

Machine Material: ABS engineering plastics/Aviation grade aluminum alloy

Charging Time: 4.5 h

Battery Life: 10 h - 24 h (replaceable battery)

Cruise Speed: 0.2 m/s - 1.2 m/s (1.7 ft/s - 4 ft/s)

Capacity of Single Shelf: 15 kg

Carrying Capacity: 60 kg

Shelf Dimension: 390 mm * 360 mm

Default Shelf Height: 216 mm * 184mm * 184mm * 184mm (Top-down)

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Pager & delivery notification robot.

Automatic Navigation System

HolaBot's RGBD cameras and lidar provide strong 3d perception. It can travel towards its destination, accurately detect obstacles, move around obstacles, and stop with response times as short as 0.5 s all without supervision.

Self-leveling Linkage Suspension

HolaBot’s stability is guaranteed across any type of floor with its linkage suspension: adjusting for bumps up to 5 mm height adjustments and ensuring delivery of dishes with no spillage.

Designed to Deliver

HolaBot can run multiple tables within a single trip, freeing up staff to work on more complex tasks rather than carrying dishes around.

Water Resistant Cabin

HolaBot’s inner cabin reaches a water resistant rating of IPX5, ensuring protection from liquids while carrying back dishes and allowing staff to easily clean its inner cabin.

High Carrying Capacity

HolaBot’s cabin boasts a volume of 120 L with a carrying capacity of 60 kg, allowing HolaBot to carry more per trip.

Hands-free Operation

Operate HolaBot without touching! Call HolaBot using Pudu Pager in up to a 3000 m² area, say commands using its voice recognition software, and return HolaBot to the dish washing room by motioning your hand across its head sensor.