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Premium Delivery Robot

Introducing BellaBot  the premium delivery robot designed to deliver, serve, and bus!

BellaBot is the perfect waitress for delivering or bussing services. Equipped with autonomous movement while steering clear of any obstacles and several trays built to carry food, BellaBot can navigate through traffic to safely deliver orders.

Let BellaBot do the tedious work. While BellaBot is busy carrying food, drinks, or dishes for you, your staff can focus on providing better customer service.

BellaBot can work for you 365 days a year. With its external battery having long battery life and taking at most a minute to replace for emergencies, BellaBot can easily work entire business days.

Coupled with additional features such as its sleek design, cute expressions, and ease of use, BellaBot is an excellent choice for any business owner looking to enhance their delivery services!

Robot Specifications

Dimensions: 565mm * 537mm * 1290 mm
Tray Size: 410mm * 500mm
Loading Dimension: 385mm * 480mm
Num. of Trays: 4
Robot Weight: 55kg
Load Capacity: Max 40kg, 10kg/layer

Power Adapter and Battery

Features a quick-release battery with Power Exchange technology that allows for easy removal and replacement of the battery to ensure BellaBot's continuous operation.

Battery Life: 12 - 24 Hours (Replaceable Battery)
Charging Time: 4.5 Hours

Movement Functions

Location Positioning: Marker and Laser Positioning
Perception: Minimum size of object for obstacle avoidance: 35mm * 50mm * 100mm; Minimum clearance 0.8m
Dispatching: A maximum of 20 robots of the same version can be dispatched at the same time
Safety: Speed: 0.5 - 1.2 m/s (Adjustable)
Climbing Angle: ≤ 5°

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  • A graphic depicting Food Delivery Mode, an action available for certain PUDU robots.

    Food Delivery Mode

  • A graphic depicting Delivery Mode, an action available for certain PUDU robots.

    Delivery Mode

  • A graphic depicting Cruise Mode, an action available for certain PUDU robots.

    Cruise Mode

  • A graphic depicting Direct Mode, an action available for certain PUDU robots.

    Direct Mode

  • A graphic depicting Dish Return Mode, an action available for certain PUDU robots.

    Dish Return Mode

  • A graphic depicting Food Delivery Mode, an action available for certain PUDU robots.

    Birthday Mode

BellaBot making a cute expression.

What makes BellaBot a premium delivery robot?

BellaBot standing in a neutral position.

Automatic Navigation

BellaBot's RGBD cameras and LIDAR provides strong 3d perception so she can travel towards her destination accurately, detect and move around obstacles, and stop with response times as short as 0.5s without supervision.

BellaBot making a glowing expression.

Multimodal Interaction

Stroke BellaBot's head to see her cute cat expressions and ears light up! Her aesthetic design and interactions will ensure that she will be popular amongst any crowd.

A sideways view of BellaBot

Multi Table Delivery

BellaBot can serve multiple tables in one trip with its four trays. Her sensors can perceive whether a tray is loaded or not, allowing for more efficient deliveries.

BellaBot's back display signaling that she will move towards the right.

Intelligent Back Display

BellaBot's back allows for text customization, displaying useful text to customer needs such as table numbers, instructions, and even give her blessings!

A showcase of BellaBot's suspension within its chassis.

Self-leveling Linkage Suspension

BellaBot’s stability is guaranteed across any type of floor with her linkage suspension: adjusting for bumps up to 1 cm height adjustments and improving stability by over 50%

BellaBot donning a customized skin for a restaurant!

Give your BellaBot some personality.

Match BellaBot with the theme of your business and service with a customized skin.

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